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JumpStart offers services tailored to each individual horse and rider. The well-being of the horse is of utmost importance while developing a plan that leads the rider on a path to success in achieving his/her evolving goals.

Kiri brings an abundance of knowledge to all of her programs. Read more about her experience by clicking on her biography below. 


At JumpStart Training, we specialize in developing tailored programs designed for each client. That said, we are capable of serving a wide variety of horses and riders.

We have experience working with all types of horses and ages from starting the new greenie or kid-trained pony to helping the amateur with their gentle giant to keeping the hot show horse schooled. Furthermore, we have the experience and patience necessary to successfully restart/rehabilitate your horse, along with supportive care to facilitate a successful outcome. 



Trainer will take complete care of Horse including but not limited to regulating proper daily feed, turnout, grooming, and exercise. Horse will be checked daily for health issues and treated as needed.

Full Training includes lunging, warm-up, grooming, additional turnout/handwalks, feeding, medicating, equipment fees, scheduling/holding for the vet or farrier, and all other maintenance and training services without individual or extra charges.

Added charges to expect are cost of necessary feed/grain, supplies, and laundry

Additional Services (training rides or lessons) can be purchased at a discounted rate.



Half Training is a good value if you are more “hands-on,” whereas the Full Training program is a much better deal for those who want more trainer involvement.

The Half Training program has less flexibility than full training, as it is more a la carte. Additional services beyond those included, such as feed preparation and purchase, holding for vet/farrier, or applying sprays or medical treatment, will be charged separately.  Missed lessons are automatically replaced with training rides. No refunds or credits.



While JumpStart offers pre-created full and half training , we are accustomed to operating where boxes don't exist. In these special circumstances, which come our way often, we count on our unique blend of innovation,  dedication, experience and grit to lead the way. We will custom tailor a program just for you that provides the services and care that you and your horse desire. 


Get Started or Get Back On the Horse!

Adults and Children Welcome


JumpStart Lessons are rooted in the relationship between horse and rider. With this foundation in place, students are better equipped to progress in their riding career. Having observed this both in a traditional riding school, and more recently through the limitations of COVID, it became clear that great learning begins with a quality horse/rider match.

Therefore, my Issaquah training program is appropriate for students that want to get a “jump start” on their riding career (hence the name of my business) or current students looking for the next level where they can really start progressing. 

I am the dedicated Hunter/Jumper trainer at Ravenswood (Issaquah), while also taking care of those students who may be just starting out or unsure of their goals. I am also the only trainer with lesson horses at Ravenswood.  Click the button below to "Meet the Horses."

Furthermore, I want my students to be successful. Every Lesson is taught with consistency, patience, and understanding. Students learn how to ride correctly and methodically with no short cuts. Safety, sportsmanship, and good horsemanship are the top priorities.

I will teach you the fine art of the Hunter or Jumper discipline, as well as help you find your perfect partner if you decide to lease or purchase.  You will gain a solid foundation in the sport, especially since I customize every lesson program to each student. Should more advanced or different instruction be required, I will not hesitate to reach out to my network of connections so that each student’s goals are attained. That’s my job as the Trainer! 

It is important to mention, however, that my program in Issaquah is not for the student who wants to just take the occasional lesson. Because we aren’t like a normal riding school, and the relationship with the horse is paramount, we must ensure that students are ready to commit to a riding schedule at least twice a week. This helps both horse and rider progress faster as a team.

Students enjoy knowing which horse they are riding and taking an “ownership” in their care. 

Note: If you are looking for a more traditional riding school program, I also teach at Gold Creek Equestrian Center in Woodinville. They tend to be fairly full, so don’t be surprised if there is a waitlist. 

Please click the button below to get in touch. We can discuss  your specific needs and I will go through what the process looks like to get started. Looking forward to speaking with you!



At JumpStart Training, customization is the norm.



Earlly in her career, JumpStart Trainer and Owner, Kiri Farler-Smith spent many hours at Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center. She took a special interest in helping riders with autism spectrum disorders. 

Kiri is a driven competitor who loves the thrill of hunter/jumpers. That said, her time at Little Bit helped shape much of her current riding program. She spent the last 8 years working with a very unique horse and rider team, both of which were high performance athletes before suffering significant life changing injuries independent of one another. Using riding as a healing modality, this student maintained a custom training program for the entire time that she worked with Kiri. 

Ultimately, all programs are custom tailored. That said, we are pleased to offer a lesson plan that focuses on more “therapy-related” goals as opposed to a competitive sports mindset. 

Note: We are not a PATH certified riding center.

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